Sunday, October 5, 2014

We are still in Nashville!

This is our apartment in Nashville.....well, actually we are in Franklin.  You can see by the falling leaves that fall is starting to sneak in. If you walked directly ahead into that breezeway, and at the end of it turned left, you would find the door to our 735 sq ft apartment. 1 bedroom, but we have a dishwasher (yeah) and a garbage disposal.  It is quite nice and I really like it. Our neighbors are all very nice.

This is the view out of our windows.  Although you enter the apartment at the ground level, there is an apartment under us, and above us.  We are located on a hill which lets us have the view of an upper level.  I know that doesn't make sense, but I sure like the view;  It is a furnished apartment, except it had no kitchen necessities....likes plates, silverware, pans etc.  So we got to go shopping.  We now have 4 forks, spoons, knives and cups.  I think I needed a bridal shower.  I'm not quite sure how this happened, because it was supposed to have everything, but we just smiled and said ok.
We actually have 2 couches...the other one is on the other side of the room.  Notice the fireplace.  I think that may come in handy.  We also have a wonderful recliner....but no tv. We are completely out of touch with the world with no tv.  We can watch Netflix and BYUtv on the computer. We could go and get a television, but so far we haven't needed one. Usually we are so tired when we get home that we go to bed pretty early.

Meet the Johnsons.  Susan and Gary Johnson are the couple that we replaced in the office.  They went home to Sandy Utah on September 25th.  For several days I called her and begged her to come back. She was a great trainer, but there was just so much to learn in such a short time.  They had only been in the office for about 5 months, so she didn't really know all the ins and outs of the position.  I manage the apartments for all 240 of the missionaries....that is make sure the rent and utilities are paid, leases renewed, and new ones set up when they open a new area. I also make sure that each month every missionary is funded (they receive a monthly allowance on their debit cards). The problem with this calling is in all the exceptions to the rules.  Isn't that true in life? There is always someone who has to have things done differently for them. Also, most of these missionaries are miles and miles away from me, so there is no quick fixes.

This is what Darryl does.  He goes and picks up brand new vehicles. So far he has acquired two pickups, and 2 Toyota Corollas (all 2015 models. They are ordered in Salt Lake City, and they just notify him where to go and pick it up.  They come into a dealership that is about 40 minutes away, so it is a nice break to go and get them.  I got to go with him for the last one.  After the new vehicles are assigned to the missionaries, Darryl takes the older vehicles which usually have about 50,000 miles on them and prepares them for sale.  Everything is fixed on these cars, including any small scratches.  The church wants these cars to be as perfect as possible before they sale them.  If you ever have a chance to buy one of these mission vehicles, they are always a good deal. You can call any mission office and ask if they have one for sale.  The Church sets the sale price on them, but they are always reasonable.
    We had a special treat last week.  Our Pikeville and Crossville missionaries were here in Nashville.  It was so good to see them.  This is Elder Hansen with a big pretzel in this mouth.  They came up for a missionary temple day.  We saw them over at the temple when we went in for our interview with the temple president, and then they came by the office for a visit.  I don't know how you can become so emotionaly attached to people in 2 short months, but we sure do miss these guys.

When we left Pikeville, we unfortunately left some clothes in the dryer.  Elder Stratling very kindly brought them to us.....including Darryl's John Deere pajama bottoms.  Elder Stratling brought his John Deere Pajamas so they could model them and have their picture taken in them together.

The Penergrass' also came up with them.  Valerie made me a lovely beaded necklace and earrings.  I wish I could see them more often.  They deserve so much and have so little.  We had a long conversation about their options, and I hope they will be able to find a light at the end of the tunnel.

 They also came bearing gifts....their pictures and a John Deer Tractor and a puzzle to do in our spare time.  I didn't get a good picture of Sister McDonald and Sister Hess, so you have to see them as they are on our refrigerator.
Well, that was the best part of our week.

For our Saturday adventure, we went to Lawrenceberg, Tenn.  It is Amish territory, and so we stopped at this little Amish market.  We only purchased post cards for the grandkids. We were going to go to the fair in Lawrenceberg, but we could never find it.  We followed the signs, but it wasn't there.  How do you lose a fair?  It was unbelievable.

,The big thing in the south is....Fried Pies.  They are alot like the Hostess pies you find in the store, but they are greasier. You find them at every fair and every roadside stand.  We actually purchased one of these......a lemon one.  It wasn't great, but we were hungry.

The three young men are Assistants to the President....that means they are great leaders!  The Elder on the right is going home on Tuesday, having finished his 2-year stay in Tennessee.  The note on his back says "I am available and will be home in a week".  This was compliments of Sister Crawford (who is in the picture),  The others says "I am a real hunk and I will be your best friend" and "I am good looking and available".  These guys are good sports.

The Huntzingers are another couple in the office.  He handles the phones and any ordering of books etc. from Salt Lake.  Well Brother Huntzingers reminds me of Mr. Finkel.  Mr Finkel was a man who lived next door to me when I was growing up.  He was an avid stamp collector.  That is what he did all day. He was married to Mrs. Finkel.......the thorn in my side during all my growing up years.  I just laugh under my breath every time Brother Huntzinger comes into my office.  Poor Mr. Finkel.

Well, we haven't stirred up much excitement lately.  We will try to do better.  Next Saturday I think we may try to find a Blue Grass Festival.  It is getting much cooler....and I would be fine if it just stayed like this.  The leaves are falling and the trees are just starting to change color.  We think of the people in Pikeville often.....who would have thought I ever would have missed that place.  I even ventured into a Dollar General the other day for old times sake.  But, I really like my job here in the office, even though it is stressful right now.  Darryl is getting used to his job too.  He has more freedom to leave than I do and so he does.  The other day he just got up and went to Home Depot.

Tomorrow is transfer day in the mission...... it is like musical chairs where a lot of missionaries get transfers to different towns and different companions.  It makes life exciting for them and for everyone in the office.  Tuesday we will be getting 14 new missionaries coming in from Utah and some from Mexico. We also have almost that many missionaries going home.  I think I will be sure to have some extra aspirin with me for the next few days.....but I sure do love all these kids.....they are all great!

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  1. Love hearing from you! Your posts are so interesting and humorous! Hi from Tucson, where it's still pretty hot. Hope you have plenty of sweaters!