Saturday, November 15, 2014

Paducah Kentucky

A couple of weeks ago (yes, it has been a while since I posted) we took about a 2-1/2 hour drive to Paducah Kentucky.  It was our Saturday activity.....not suggested by Elder Dunn.  We went to the National Quilt Museum.....well, I went to the National Quilt Museum.  One of us opted to not go in.  But he was sorry later because it was absolutely inspiring and awesome.  I could
have spent hours there, but actually only got about 45 minutes as they close early on Saturday.  What I learned is that I need a lot of practice to make my quilting stitches
smaller and straight.  This is my favorite quilt.  I had to load this pic from the internet as they do not allow you to take pictures, so I will describe it so you can get a better idea of how awesome it is.  It is actually purple with gold metallic thread.  It was done with a long-arm quilting machine.....but I don't know how because it is spectacular.  I wish you could see how great the hair on the bride is stitched.  The guide told me that local math teachers like to bring their students in so they can appreciate how math is used in unexpected ways.  I just stood there remembering how over my head I was when I was using the baby-sized quilt pattern to make my king-sized quilt. I think I re-figured that about 100 times,  Anyway, if you ever find yourself in Paducah Kentucky, be sure to attend the National Quilt Museum because the $10 it costs is cheap compared to what you will find.
Also in Paducah we saw the long wall
that protects the city from flooding of the Ohio River.  This wall runs about 2 blocks long and on  each section a very talented  artist, Robert Dafford, painted portraits of Paducah's past.  There are small plaques explaining what is depicted in front of each picture.  Each picture is a piece of history of Paduch Kentucky.  Here is a link that has more information and photos:
The trip to Paducah also gave us the opportunity to have lunch in Paducah with two of our favorite sister missionaries,
Sister Hochstrasser (who was in our District while in Pikeville) and Sister Cotton (who we made German Chocolate Cupcakes with while living under the mission home). It was such fun and the lunch from Panera was terrific.
On our way home to Nashville we were able to connect to three other sister missionaries, Sister McDonald (also known as Happy Meal) and her two companions Sister Rokowitz and Oldroyd.  Sorry, no picture of them.  We had a fun time at Fazoli.  This is a threesome because Sister Happy Meal's companion went home early.  It was a sad time for Happy Meal, so I hope we cheered her up a little.  This threesome serves in Clarksville Tennessee.  It was such a fun day.
Since that  time we have not done much travelling. Last Saturday was the Stake Roadshow.  Each unit (Ward) has prepared a 20-25 minute show using the youth and ward members.  They write and perform a story.  The performances here in Nashville were way above average, which is not surprising because of the ample supply of talent residing in this city.  One of the wards pre-recorded. the sound for their show so that you could hear every line and musical number.  The costumes were out of this
world....some mothers spent a lot of time at the sewing machine, and some were obviously rented costumes.  The judges were pretty professional too.  Several of them were employed by well-known bands or performers as technical assistants etc.  The mission office had it's own representation in one of the shows.  Elder Huntzinger (Mr. Finkel) played a small part (very small.....without a line) in one of the roadshows.  We did give him a big ovation for his performance.  One of the Branches (smaller than a ward unit) who only has 80 members had 40 people in their roadshow.  I happened to be sitting next to their Branch President and he was over-the-top proud of his group.
Well, not long ago I had flash-back moment.  about 30 years ago (not long after we had moved to Tucson), I was in charge of delivering baked potatoes for a Seminary Graduation.  I loaded them and the kids in the car to take them to the Stake Center......only to find out the meeting was not there.  I drove all over town trying to find this place, only to arrive in time to serve the potatoes for dessert.  ....... Well, Sister Godfrey, Sister Crawford (in the picture) and I were delivering the lunch (Subway Sandwich box lunches) for about 40.  The building we were going to is the building I go to church in.....but we were going from the office (a completely different direction).  We had two phones with GPS guiding us......and we got so lost.  We knew we were in trouble when we saw the street sign where the office is.  But we re-couped; but not before the President called to see if we were alive.  We actually were only about 10 minutes late.  I think that was the last time they will trust me to drive.

This is Elder Dunn trying to explain to Elder Shiner what was wrong with his gas receipts and mileage log.

 Yes.....Missionaries do take selfies.  

 is now getting cold!  Thursday when we drove into the office it was about 25 degrees.  This Tucson girl is not fond of COLD.  I am now dressing with 3 layers and a heater at my feet in the office.  Some people in the office insist on the thermostat being at 70 degrees.  I am only agreeable at 75-80 degrees.  I do have my own office, so it is the warmest room in the Tenn. Nashville Mission Office.

This is all the news I have for now.  Today we went to the 150th anniversary of the Civil War battle in Franklin Tennessee.  I will post about that next week after I thaw out from sitting in the outside cold weather for 3 hours.  I was thankful for the handwarmers my children gave me for Christmas.


  1. The closest Elder in the selfie picture looks like both Clark Evans and my son Kevin (who for years I've thought had similar looks).

  2. Wow, you are a busy lady Carolyn. I see that you are truly enjoying yourself and being a blessing to all those around you. Stay warm my friend, keep blogging and know that Tucson misses you as much as you miss it! Take good care, say Hello to Darryl. God Bless You, Miss You and Much Love to You!