Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Provo Utah - Missionary Training Center

We arrived in Provo, Utah on Sunday, July 6th, and reported to the MTC bright and early (well, mid early) at 10 am.  The MTC stands for Missionary Training Center where we will spend 5 days in pretty intensive training.  There are 123 Senior Missionaries who checked in that day.  They are going to different places all over the world.  These are in addition about 2,000 young men and women who are receiving training to be missionaries all over the world.  They are not in the same learning areas as the Senior Couples (except for when we eat in the cafeteria.....and we had better beat them there before they eat it all).  Actually, they are so very respectful of Senior Couples.  We are always to cut in front of them in any line.....something they expect and are very accommodating about.
The Senior Couples are divided into "Districts" where we spend most of our time being taught how to teach effectively,  This is our group.  It's small, isn't it?  Most Districts are small, but a few are as large as 8-10 people.  I don't know why.  From Left to Right: The Crosbys are from Vero Beach, Fla who are going on a Military Relations Mission in Japan.  They will be in Okinawa Japan.  They are learning Japanese.  The Swans are from Vancouver, British Columbia, They are going to South Africa....english speaking.  They are Member/Leader Support Missionaries like us.  The Dunns who look a little tired, but happy, are going to Nashville, Tenn.....which looks like a party compared to the rest of this group.  The Macbeths are from Hurricane, Utah, and they are going as Mental Health Advisors to the Asia Area, centered in Hong Kong, but covers most of Asia.  They are learning Cantonese.
Okay, you ask "Who would take on teaching this mottley crew?"  Well, this is our morning instructor, Brother Rowe.  Does he look young?  He is.  About 23-24.  He served a mission in New Zealand.  But he is very able as well as cute.  He is very patient and has really taught us a lot.  We also have an afternoon instructor.  I think it is because we are too hard on the morning one. They say it's because they are students also.  Brother Copans come in the afternoon.  He served a mission in South Africa and Botswana. Because of visa problems he did serve part of his mission in the Tennessee Nashville Mission.  He is really good also, but easier to get off subject.
We also ran into some old friends from Tucson. Jim and Marilyn Busby who are going to the Toronto Canada Mission, where he served as a young missionary many years ago.
Our Apartment for 5 days.  I didn't show you the bedroom in case the bed wasn't made.  Don't let the kitchen fool you.  We never have to cook....and in fact the stove is disconnected. Our meals are always served in the cafeteria.  They are very good.  Especially the ice cream from the BYU Creamery.
 We are loving our experience so far.  It is challenging, but fun. All the 123 Senior Missionaries have become friends.  We have such good times sharing experiences with each other.  I will tell you more later about some of the interesting people we have met.


  1. My dear friends are the mental health advisors for Brazil--such an important and interesting call! I hope your trip to Tennessee is pleasant and uneventful.

  2. That apartment looks pretty big for the MTC. :)