Saturday, August 2, 2014

One of Those Days

Do you ever have one of those days when you wonder why you even got out of bed? Well, that is almost my day today.  We were supposed to be contacting potential members of the  Pikeville Branch to remind them of a meeting this next Tuesday evening.  I started calling everyone.....and no one was home (or not answering the phone).  It is times like this that I always suspect that the whole city has been evacuated and someone forgot to tell us. 

So, being the crafty person I am, I threw together this little flyer and then Elder Dunn and I (you may notice I forgot to refer to us as that on the flyer) went about to tape these reminders on their doors.  I know that sounds simple, but it does require some distance....and in the rain.  

We were trying to find a member's home up on one of the mountains as the GPS was leading us (so we thought).  All of a sudden there was no more road.  We knew we were in trouble because the road was very small and not real drive-able.  We kept losing the signal so I know we were way off the correct path.  You just can't trust a GPS in the mountains!  So, we just went back until we found a road that was familiar and then we went home.  I hope William Sapp makes it to the meeting.  
On August 7th (Thursday) there will be the longest yard sale in the nation (so so they say.)  It starts on Highway 127 in Ohio and goes all the way to Alabama.  It is a big deal every year and everyone around here is getting prepared for it.  Hwy 127 runs right through Pikeville.  People set up awnings and tables etc. on the side of the Highway and load them with things they have saved all year.  Actually, they started setting up last week. There is a big demand for spaces along the Hwy.  The sale runs from Thursday through Sunday. 

Yesterday we stopped at an antique shop which sits on the Hwy, but is very near our house.  These pictures are some of the things they have displayed there.  This first one are buggies and of course Elder Dunn found some old farm equipment he would love to haul back to Tucson if he could.

This old gentleman finds old tools and restores them.  They are collection of unique and well preserved tools.  
Of course, this was my favorite.  Inside the antique store she had every design of china and regular tableware you could imagine.  If you needed one plate of something, this was the place to go.  Personally, I wanted that cute arm chair to the left.  

I know you can't see this very well, but it is something that just really awes me. Almost every grave, in every cemetery has a flower arrangement on it.  They are silk flowers, but they are never faded, so they must change them out pretty frequently.  They really honor their dead in these small towns.

To close with.....As you drive up and down these mountains, this is the type of greenery that is along the sides of the roads.  It is lush, and it is beautiful.  This is not the most spectacular of the sights, but that person driving has a problem with suddenly stopping on a curved road so I could take a picture. I wish I could send some of this lush greenery to you all in Tucson.

Well, next week I will be busy, so I took the chance to send this to you now.  I hope you are enjoying your monsoon rain storms, and that they are making the grass green and the washes run.  We love the work we are doing, and we know that it is important.  There are good people in this valley and we sure hope to get to know them all.  


  1. I finally found your blog! I have enjoyed reading all of the previous posts and even laughed out loud a few times. Carolyn, you are a fabulous writer. I'm looking forward to following you on your important journey. God Bless you both, Christine Staten

  2. I'd be looking through the stacks of quilts next to that cute chair. My dad would be next to Darryl checking out the farm machinery.