Friday, August 1, 2014

Yesterday we had another service filled day.  Above is a picture of the Cadds. You have met them before. This is them in their Sunday go-to-meetin clothes.  In the winter their trailer is heated with wood.  He is unable to cut wood because of his stroke, and many other problems.  I wish you could see inside of their trailer, it would give you extreme appreciation for the home you live in.  It is small enough without their son (who disappears on a regular basis), their daughter-in-law (who has a job) and their 9 noisy, noisy little dogs. We have a service project planned there next week and we were surveying it to see what we need to bring.  We are going to cut down that tall leaning tree and chop it up for firewood.  It is surrounded by heavy brush and alot of trees, so it will be exciting.  We have Br. Bergeron to help us who built his house doing this type of thing and he has the equipment.
The other picture is of Elder Hansen admiring that black truck, that doesn't run.  Actually he was admiring the decal on the window that says: "Zombie Patrol".
After we left the Cadds we went to help the Curtis's.  That means down one mountain, and up another mountain.  For someone who gets carsick I did pretty well.  We picked blackberries (you see one of the bushes) and tomatoes (some green for frying, some red). I spotted this watermelon growing.  I am hoping it is ripe next time we return.  The last picture is of lunch.  The Curtis's are such fabulous people......who really like whip cream.  That is a chocolate cake (I think). It tasted good.  We also had orange jello......topped with a lot of whip cream and flan (no whip cream on it).  I didn't get to hear the rest of her life story today, but she is still so entertaining that it is a joy to do service there.  The Elders also got to dig up garlic from their yard.  We now have enough garlic to last us through this mission and several more.  Our car may never smell the same.

Tonight we will have our first interviews with the Mission President, Pres. Andersen.  We have to go to Cookeville for that.  It is about 45 minutes away, and our interview time is 5:30 pm......slow time (central time, as opposed to fast time which is Eastern time).

I hope you can see the pictures....they are a little higher dpi.

Miss you all.


  1. Carol said I didn't sign in, so if you get two of these that is a good thing. I loved seeing the pictures of the Cadds. They have a lovely garden. It is very hot here in Burbank and Don is ready to go home. Our new motorhome fits very well in Carol's front yard. Love you.

  2. That's my kind of lunch, for sure!