Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hello!  Yes, it is winter time in Nashville.  It is cold for an Arizona girl.  It is a special kind of cold because it is a wet cold.  This is a picture of the snow we received about 2 weeks ago.  It didn't last too long....about like Tucson snow.  It wasn't as cold that day.....but the next day it was very cold.  But no matter how cold it is we go to work where every time someone comes in the door it send a cold....cold....burst of air through the office.  You can believe that I have a little space heater at my feet all day.....not to mention the 4 layers of clothes I have on.....and that is just to sit in the office which is actually pretty well heated.
   It hasn't been an extremely busy time in the office....just a mild state of "how do we get all of this done?"  The opening of new apartments has slowed to only 4 this month, and usually all in one day.
   I am still at war with Altamont TN, (population 1,290...and about 85 miles south-east of Nashville).  Well, war is misleading.  I struggle with them.  They love to turn the water off in the sisters' apartment before we even get notice that the bill is past due.  It is never past due, they just need a new bookkeeper who can put
the money in the correct account.  This happens about every third month.  The members in the local ward say that they just really don't like Mormons.  Pray for the south!!!!
   Here we are.....the office staff (minus Elder Dunn who is probably out in the parking lot changing a license plate). There are 3 sister missionaries in this picture......(LtoR) Sisters Schenk, Herbert and Bishop. I am between Herbert and Bishop. Sister Bishop has more pairs of glasses than any one person should have.....all flamboyant. I suspect she grew up in a hippy commune. (just kidding, but it would explain a lot).
    About 10 days ago one of the missionaries
mailed the nurse (the little lady in the pink sweater) a letter he had received from the landlord complaining about how dirty their apartment was.  I still can't figure out why he was dumb enough to send it into the office.  However, Sister Crawford hit the roof.  She call the Elder on the phone and told him to get off of his ___ and clean that apartment because she and Elder and Sister Dunn would be there in 45 minutes to check it.  So we went on that adventure to Smyra TN.  Well, those Elders must have really moved fast because it looked pretty good by the time we got there.  We went down and spoke with the manager who said it looks good after the 3rd time she inspected it.  I'm sure those elders will not forget our visit.  Sister Crawford is small, but she makes up for it in fury.
 It was really quite fun.
    That same week, the Young Single Adults had a talent show.  It was regional, but most of the talent was from the Nashville area.  This picture (yes, the out of focus one...I was in about the 6th row from the stage and my phone is not an Iphone) of Denny favorite future famous song writer.  He sang an original tune that was fantastic.  A country song called "Going South".  Apparent Ronnie Dunne (of Brooks and Dunne) among others are considering recording it.  Pretty good for a boy from Canada.  The best part is how humble he is.
   There were many other singer/songwriters and musicians who performed. 13 in all.  A great pianist who just put in her mission papers, and another who played the chop sticks theme song
for Charlie Brown.
   This is Anne Marie.  She is the new Relief Society President.  She sang a funny song called "Taylor the Latte Boy".  If you haven't heard it, search for it on Youtube.  You can find if you search:
"Kristin Chenoweth singing "Taylor the Latte Boy".
If you go to:  you can see the real Ann Marie.
   It was a fun evening.

To catch up on some of my favorites.   Elder Hansen is now a District Leader in Hendersonville, TN and he assured me yesterday that before he goes home he will convert the Oakridge Boys to Mormonism.  Hendersonville is where the Oakboys live.  As district leader I am sure he is designing role-plays for his district meetings to be unbelievably hard and humiliating.
Elder Stradling is ending his mission on February 11th, 3 days after Pikeville Tennessee will actually be made a Branch!!!!!  I think that was the best news of his mission.  He worked so hard for this to happen and he is probably the main reason it did happen.  Unfortunately, I don't think he will be able to attend that meeting because he is in Lawrenceburg TN.  He is a great missionary and we learned so much from him when we were in Pikeville.  I am so grateful that we were able to get to know him and to love him.  We will miss him greatly.  Keep in touch Elder Stradling!

I just had to add this picture because it looks like Elder Hansen is asleep.......again!!!!!

 Yesterday we had quite the adventure.  We were to meet the Assistants' at the office to get their
truck---go to Walmart to purchase a microwave and a crockpot--go to Big Lots in Franklin TN and purchase a king-size bed--take that plus a dresser to Lafayette Tn (pronounced LaFAYette in TN)--and then take a box springs to Smyrna TN.  Sounds easy enough. A round trip of about 3-1/2 hours driving time.  It was great until we got to Big Lots.  There is a gentleman there named Jack that I deal with quite a bit.  As he says:  "I take care of you, Sister".  He says that about every other sentence.  Well, this time he did.  We purchase the king-size bed and frame and he helped to load it in the back of the truck.  There was that bed, plus the other box spring and a dresser.  It was in there so tight you couldn't get a dime between
anything.  Then we tied it down.  We got on the freeway and went about 1 mile and the plastic on the big mattress was flapping badly, so we pulled over to check it out.  Much to our surprise.......the two box springs that went with the king size bed (the new ones) were completely gone!!!!!  There was no sight of them.  No one one yelled out their window to us that there was a problem.  Nothing.  They were gone in 1 mile.  We went back on the freeway and found one of them on the side of the over and when you picked it up all the wood fell out.  We threw it in the truck and called Jack.....who says he takes care of us.  Well,
he did.  He said to bring back the 1 mattress we found and he would replace both.  So we did.  But we were smart enough to first go way back to the office (about 30 minutes away) and pick up the trailer to haul the furniture.  We load it up and were on our way about 3-1/2 hours late.  We were supposed to meet the senior couple in Lafayette for lunch.....but it was more like dinner.  Of course as soon as we got back on the freeway with our new box in back up us started flashing their lights at us.....OH NO.... not again.  So we pulled off the the exact same exit road, and pulled into the exact same parking lot that we did before and went and check the back of the trailer.  FALSE ALARM.  There was nothing wrong.  I
think the flashing lights were a delayed signal or something.  So we were on our way way.   We got to Lafayette only to find there were no young bodied missionaries to help us unload the trailer, so Elder Matthews who is about 80 years old and Elder Dunn (with almost no help from me) unloaded and put together the bed, and carried in the heavy dresser.  We went to dinner at a small mexican restaurant and then said goodbye to this delightful couple.  This is their 4th mission.  They started with their first one at age 30 years old to Samoa.  She was 7 months pregnant when they got to Samoa.
  Lafayette is a beautiful area.  Not a beautiful town, but a beautiful area.  It is the kind of place where we could be very happy.  But we drove on to Smyrna.  We got there at about 7:30, handed off the box springs to the spanish Elders there and drove on.  We got to the office at 8:30pm just as the Assistants drove in so they could unhook the trailer and take the truck.  The President was there also so we told him of our adventure.  He just howled in laughter, which was not good because I needed to use the restroom. But we were relieved that he laughed.  Elder Dunn told him that if we had lost the mattresses the 2nd time when we went back to check we were just going to come back and get our car and drive back to Tucson.  I read Darryl a passage from "Preach My Gospel" on the way back to get the trailer after losing the 2 box springs about Christ-like attributes.....patience during trials.  I'm not sure it helped.

That is all of our adventures for now.  I'm sure there will be more.  Hope all is well with each one of you.  We are loving our mission....every minutes of it....well, minus a few.  If you have ever considered a it!

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  1. This was great fun to read--just have to scoot the grade schoolers out the door (in about a decade) and Bill and I will be off on our own mission!