Tuesday, February 17, 2015

IT IS COLD IN NASHVILLE!!!!!  That 20 degrees on the thermometer is the high for today.  It is 4:00 p.m.  Tonight it will get down to 15 degrees-- but tomorrow night it will get down to -3 degrees.  We have about 1 inch of ice under the 2  inches of snow.  This started on Sunday evening and on Monday morning there were Freeze Warnings and everyone is advised to stay in their homes because of the ice.  So we have been home bound since Sunday afternoon.  (Today is Tuesday) and it looks like we will still be here tomorrow.  I handle that okay because I have a terrible cold so laying in bed with all the covers over me sounds really great. But Darryl is driving me crazy.  He did finally sneak out today and drove far enough to put gas in the car--but he is home now with the beginning of the head cold.  Thanks heaven for Netflix......inasmuch as we do not have a television.
   I am actually anxious to get back into the office because on Sunday the auditor is coming to audit the office.  There are a few things I would like to fix up before he comes.  Do you think he will fire me?  Will he send me home?
 The President says that all he will tell the auditor is "Sister Dunn will fix that."   Is that supposed to make me feel better?  Oh Dear!
   Right now the President is in Salt Lake City for 3 days.  He left Sunday and missed all of this great adventure. I sure hope the airport opens before Wednesday night so he can get back.  Although.....no President.....no audit.
   About 2 weeks ago we found it necessary to purchase a new laptop.  I don't think I even need to tell you the frustrations of learning a new computer.....let alone to learn a new Windows 8.1 computer.  Well, another thing to do while we are
on lock down.   And since when did Word come as a "cloud" program?  I can't even begin to tell you the frustrations of that and of all the unseen charges incurred in this process.
  This is a picture of Elder Meldrum (for you JoAnn) helping to unload all the pizza boxes after a trainer/trainee meeting.  Pizza is a surefire bet for a missionary lunch.

This other picture is the bottom of Elder Dickman's shoes.  That is a 1st rate hole he has there----the sign of a really good missionary. He has since left for home, having served his 2-year mission.  We will really miss him.
On February 8th, Pikeville became an official branch.  We drove down there for their meeting which started at 10am......which meant we had to leave here by 7:30 am.  It was fun to see everyone again.....most of them were there, but not all.  It warmed my heart of see Jack & Rosala Curtis there (she is sitting....second person from the right on the 1st row).  She has been quite ill.  I reminded her of the day we sat on her porch snapping beans while she told me about her life....and made me laugh.  There were some of the usual characters there too.....but not William Sapp, our favorite hermit.  I wanted to go find him, but we didn't have time.  Elder Stradling made it down
there (2 days before he ended his mission).  He needed a ride back to Lawrenceburg, so we added another 3 hours to our trip home so we could take him.  It was well worth the time just to spend it with him.  I will sure miss that lad.   Here he is with the 2nd half of the picture. This branch included Pikeville and Dunlap, so there were enough to make a branch.  President Speegle is the gentleman with the white hair in the middle of the front row of the 1st picture.  A great choice.
 So on the following Tuesday was transfer day and time to say goodbye to the departing missionaries.  But SURPRISE.  Elder Stradling has a look-alike to take his place.  Who knew there was another Stradling anywhere.  This is Elder Partida and he sure looks like Stradling's brother.  I sure hope he is as great of a missionary.  It was hard to say goodbye, but now we have a gentle reminder.
Elder Stradling got home okay and now is beginning the 'whole rest of his life'.   Good Luck.
  This is a picture of Elder Meldrum and Elder Dickman telling about a miracle!  Each transfer meeting the President has anyone who has had an extra-ordinary experience come and tell the rest of the missionaries about it.  They call them "Miracles".  They are always good and everyone enjoys them.
   Elder Dickman also went home that day.  We miss him too.  He is so super extra-ordinary too.  I hope we see him again.  Maybe!  He is just in Kansas.

This is Sister Osborne and Sister Dixon.  I refer to them as the "Char-Ladies".  They are the 2 sister who cleaning up the terrible, terrible house in Fairview.  This was not Sister Dixon's first round at doing clean-up duty.  She seems to have the bad luck of falling into these "unclean" situations.  But they are in a new duplex now, and all is wonderful.  Sister Osborne is from Yuma Arizona, but her family just moved to Mesa.

Well, that is it for now. I hope all of you are doing well.  I check on you on Facebook all the time....so you aren't getting away with much.  Love you all.....

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